Mission statement

Built to preserve freedom for everyone.

Though there exists an ever-growing number of privacy coins being produced on a regular basis, the commitment to privacy often doesn't extend beyond the in-house technology and it's ability to conceal the identity and actions of the user. We at WISP believe that in order to have a truly private society the population has to have control of their finances. Financial freedom is the only way to truly not be subject to debt slavery and you can't have financial freedom when the value of your currency is determined by a select few people in power.

Proof of Stake

PoSv3 yields a 5% annual return for everyone supporting the network by staking with their wallet. PoS has extremely low energy usage, so it is affordable for everyone with internet.

Private by default

Private transactions are the default, Wisp incorporates features from both the Zerocoin protocol and from the Cryptonote protocol to be able to perform anonymous transactions.

Fast transactions

Low fees, 30-60 seconds block times and plenty room for growth makes Wisp ideal for cash remittances for everyone.


Wisp doesn't require heavy mining ressource, which makes it an environmentally friendly coin.

Bitcoin based

Wisp use a modified Bitcoin source code, implying that most of the upgrades applied to Bitcoin can also be applied to Wisp.

A realistic view of what true privacy means

Wisp is using the best technologies available in order to provide strong privacy to its users.

Native Tor

The entire Wisp Network operates under the anonymity and protection of the latest version of Tor. User identity is never compromised. No exit nodes, the traffic never leaves the Tor network.

Wisp enables use to use OBSF4 Bridges to access the network from anywhere, even in Tor blocked countries such as China or Iran.

Tor integration

Ring signature

A Wisp ring signature is composed by an output (aUTXO) of the actual sender, which is then combined other outpouts pulled from the blockchain to form a ring.

Ring signatures protect the sender by obscuring the input side of a transaction so that it is computationally infeasible to determine who the actual signer of a transaction is.

Ring Signature

Stealth address

Stealth addresses are an important part of Wisp's inherent privacy. They allow and require the sender to create random one-time addresses for every transaction on behalf of the recipient.

By using stealth addresses, the unlinkability of transactions is guaranteed.

Stealth Address

We are community driven.

As Wisp is an open source community driven project, our team consists of freelancers and communtiy members who donate their time and resources to the projects success. Everyone is encouraged to apply your ideas and skills to Wisp and we work together to help each other achieve our goals. Below are just some of the current contributors to Wisp Project. We operate under pen names to protect our privacy, but we are quite friendly and straightforward in chat.

@vvc @jbg @Hippiepyro @trainasauruswrecks @coinye @dandan123 @Tom14
@Skull @huberhumphrey @Gandalf86 @Dave @dirge @shaybix

Download a wallet

Download your wallet to secure your own funds and receive additional coins as a reward for staking.

Or :

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